FARO® (NASDAQ: FARO) , the world’s leading provider of 3D measurement and imaging technology for production environments, BIM / CIM in construction, product design, public safety, forensic investigations and 3D solutions, introduces the FARO Zone 3D software . Thanks to the advanced smart tools, this revolutionary platform is the first of its kind with which researchers can move smoothly between 2D and 3D environments and improve the quality of the analysis of accident reconstructions or presentations for professionals in public safety. Trial versions of FARO Zone 3D can be downloaded from www.faro.com/faro-3d-app-center/stand-alone-apps/faro-zone-3d .

FARO Zone 3D greatly enhances the visual effect of presentations, including evidence for the courtroom, with accurate 2D and 3D drawings of locations, 3D walkthroughs, and full reconstruction animations.

FARO Zone 3D also improves the ability of public safety professionals to prepare and respond more effectively to emergencies by making accurate representations of actual locations within local communities.

FARO Zone 3D includes the following advanced functionality:

Advanced smart tools for a more reliable result

  • Accurate drawing and measuring tools
  • Analysis tools for blood spatter
  • Analysis tools for bullet trajectories
  • Dynamic analysis tools for momentum and accident braking
  • Analysis tools for vehicle deformation
  • Accurate location representation with more than 10 million 3D models included or imported from free online sources
  • Accurate 2D and 3D animations and walkthroughs

Improved flexibility for a faster result

  • Easily draw and edit in 3D or in 2D and see both views simultaneously
  • Investigate “what if” animation scenarios in real time with exact measurements made at the location
  • Quickly and easily import measurement data from other sources such as drones, satellite maps or laser scanners
  • Import FARO laser scan data directly from FARO SCENE software
  • Backward compatibility with FARO CAD Zone and ARAS applications


“FARO strives for innovations that allow researchers to do their work faster, easier and more effectively,” said Jeff Ruiz, Vice President of Global Public Safety – Forensic Business Unit. “FARO Zone 3D is a major milestone in the industry that harnesses the power of 3D in a solution specially developed for crime, traffic and fire investigators.”