Scanning Volterra – 3000 years architectural history

Autodesk’s Strategic Project Executive, Tristan Randall has outlined the benefits that FARO’s revolutionary and ground-breaking technology has brought in terms of capturing a scan of a city rich in architectural history.
Volterra is the city in focus, having a rich history of both Etruscan, Roman and Medieval architecture due to the city being inhabited for over 3000 years

Back in the Field: Scanning a Factory Floor

Many people interested in laser technology wonder what 3D scanning looks like in practice and how long it takes to capture a specific object such as a building or a factory floor and how much effort it takes to evaluate the data. In the following, we explain the workflow from the initial scan preparation to the production of deliverables using the example of a 1,200 square meter hall in the attic of a factory from the beginning 20th century.

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A look at FARO’s Traceable Construction concept and initial stages of a construction project

In an interview with Oliver Buerkler (senior product manager, Construction BIM) and Marc Zschieschang (product manager, Construction BIM) published in BIM Today, they explain what is ‘scan to BIM’ or ‘as-built modelling’ that now fall under international standards (ISO19650) that explain the process of creating consistently structured data and documents for built environment projects.

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Restoring Notre-Dame with Laser Scanning Technology

On the 20th of April, an urgent operation ‘Commando’ was led by Art Graphique et Patrimoine who collected data of Notre-Dame and it’s damaged parts. The AGP team finished one week’s worth of work in just one day. During operation ‘Commando’ around 30 to 40 milliard points were captured. The areas which were difficult to access were captured with a drone using photogrammetry. This will form the base of the investigation and reconstruction of the Notre-Dame.

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Interview with Oliver Burkler, a Product Manager at FARO: Part 2

Read part one of the interview here! You were part of the team who developed the first laser scanner for FARO, who were you developing it for? What was your reasoning behind it?  In the beginning, we developed the laser scanner for factory layout planners and architects. The first job we had was in a European car company where…

Checks and measures with BuildIT Construction

The BIM Industry is preparing for digital accountability. Read an article about traceable construction for designers, contractors, project managers and cost consultants of the future. Supported by a versatile BuildIT Construction software, BIM professionals will be able to continuously compare real-world conditions against CAD model.   Dovile GegeleviciuteMore Posts

Interview with Oliver Burkler, EMEA Product Manager at FARO: Part 1

You have been in the company for 17 years, how has FARO changed in your eyes?  I think there have been a lot of changes going on in FARO.  The most significant change however was two years ago when we changed our complete business model from a product to a customer solution-oriented company. Instead of a…