Digital Construction Verification: Team Success for BAM & FARO

The Dover District Leisure Center is delivering a £26m sports facility including a county-standard, eight-lane competition swimming pool. The build accuracy is of high importance for competition swimming pools and it is necessary to meet strict specified dimensional tolerances.   Royal BAM Group BAM Construction were appointed and charged with delivering a first class sports…


With the launch of FARO’s new Product Finder, the journey for finding your product has been shortened and simplified. From finding and checking the application of product for your industry and comparing it to other related products available, the process has been made much easier. In just 3 simple steps you can now find out…

FARO at the Forefront of Testing New Fabrication Techniques

FARO solutions support MX3D and Autodesk in creating the world’s first fully 3D printed, stainless steel Bridge   MX3D are extending the use of 3D printing to ‘real world’ practical ‘built environment’ uses, through the process of additive manufacturing that uses welding technology, robotic arms and computational design software. FARO have provided support through different…

Scanning Volterra – 3000 years architectural history

Autodesk’s Strategic Project Executive, Tristan Randall has outlined the benefits that FARO’s revolutionary and ground-breaking technology has brought in terms of capturing a scan of a city rich in architectural history.
Volterra is the city in focus, having a rich history of both Etruscan, Roman and Medieval architecture due to the city being inhabited for over 3000 years

Back in the Field: Scanning a Factory Floor

Many people interested in laser technology wonder what 3D scanning looks like in practice and how long it takes to capture a specific object such as a building or a factory floor and how much effort it takes to evaluate the data. In the following, we explain the workflow from the initial scan preparation to the production of deliverables using the example of a 1,200 square meter hall in the attic of a factory from the beginning 20th century.

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Scan Basics: How to Plan a Scan Project

For people who think about buying a 3D laser scanner, there’s uncertainty about how exactly scanning works, how long scanning projects take, and how they can be calculated in terms of time and money.

Furthermore, professionals face the problem of having to calculate the personnel required not only for the scanning but also the subsequent data preparation (registration, modelling, etc.), a necessity that must be considered, especially when applying for construction projects or formulating offers.

For experienced users, it’s adequate to have 2D plans or photographs of the scan site. However, such plans are regularly lacking or it’s a mandatory step in the process.

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A look at FARO’s Traceable Construction concept and initial stages of a construction project

In an interview with Oliver Buerkler (senior product manager, Construction BIM) and Marc Zschieschang (product manager, Construction BIM) published in BIM Today, they explain what is ‘scan to BIM’ or ‘as-built modelling’ that now fall under international standards (ISO19650) that explain the process of creating consistently structured data and documents for built environment projects.

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