Quality from the start. Verify parts before full production: First Article Inspection (FAI)

Ensure consistent products in manufacturing with innovative portable metrology solutions

Detailed verification of production results versus original product design before ongoing manufacturing begins is critical to ensure all parts and assemblies are built to the correct specifications.

The use of innovative metrology solutions helps quickly identify issues and avoid serious impacts on your manufacturing processes before full production starts.

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Whitepaper: A Renovation Study in Four Acts

Inspired by Matthias Plieassning, a Brooklyn, N.Y. artist, Trahan Architects team developed a concept for the swooping, swirling wood-threaded panels to be installed. The installation of the unique design started with a challenge as there were no templates to follow. The CWKA shortly implemented the use of the FARO Focus Laser Scanner and the FARO TracerSI Laser Projector into their workflow. Keller explains, “Documenting existing conditions with a high degree of resolution and tolerance allows us to better manage project risk.”

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Case Study: Improving Quality and Production Rates with a Laser Tracker

To accommodate Cincinnati’s measurement volume, traditional tools such as dial indicators and slab-mounted CMMs turned out to be pretty limited in measuring larger parts. This became a significant problem as the measuring option was insufficient for Cincinnati’s needs. To help keep pace with the changing face of manufacturing, Cincinnati invested in a FARO® Vantageᴱ Laser Tracker system. The system improves quality control, reduces waste in production processes, and facilitates their continuous improvement efforts.

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