Whitepaper: A Renovation Study in Four Acts

Inspired by Matthias Plieassning, a Brooklyn, N.Y. artist, Trahan Architects team developed a concept for the swooping, swirling wood-threaded panels to be installed. The installation of the unique design started with a challenge as there were no templates to follow. The CWKA shortly implemented the use of the FARO Focus Laser Scanner and the FARO TracerSI Laser Projector into their workflow. Keller explains, “Documenting existing conditions with a high degree of resolution and tolerance allows us to better manage project risk.”

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White Paper: How Virtual Templating with Laser Projection Technology Streamlines Welding Assembly & manufacturing

A new industry standard to prevent rework and additional costs, the TracerSI Laser Projector is a perfect tool to project templates that assemblers can use to align the components efficiently and accurately. The hands free, feature-based alignment increases throughput with one of its kind solution that guides through the entire assembly process.    Alberto CastiglioniMore Posts

FARO Tracer M Laser Projector for Factory Metrology

FARO has recently launched the Tracer M Laser Projector. This new solution allows users to reduce the expensive delays associated with the alignment and assembly of large components, help improve process precision, and negate the need for physical templates and hard tooling. The Tracer M uses Advanced Trajectory Control (ATC) to deliver fast projection. ATC provides superior dynamic accuracy and…