Do you have the oldest working FaroArm in Europe?


FARO introduced its first device with hinged arm measurement technology approximately 35 years ago, while the first articulating measurement FaroArm intended for the industrial market dates back to the early-1990’s.

In addition to accuracy and ease of use, FARO’s 3D measurement technology is renowned for its reliability, robustness and durability. These characteristics have ensured that many of the company’s early FaroArms remain in regular use throughout Europe.

To celebrate the FaroArm’s famed reliability and longevity, we are searching for the oldest model that remains in use throughout Europe.


WIN the Most Advanced FaroArm Solution

When found, the owner of the FaroArm will be able to swap their current model for the  most advanced 8-Axis Faro ScanArm System with CAM2 software, completely FREE of charge.

HOW TO WIN – Register your FaroArm today!

To participate for a chance to WIN, simply:

    1. Open Registration form
    2. Input your FAROArm serial number
    3. Upload an image of your FAROArm


Hurry, the competition ends on the 15th April 2020!


The prize will be awarded at the FARO booth during the Control Exhibition, taking place in Stuttgart, May 2020.

For more than 35 years, FARO has designed, developed and delivered the most trusted metrology arm technology in the market.