Quality Control

Metal Assemblies are located at the heart of the UK’s traditional industrial area in the West Midlands, where they produce high-quality stampings and assemblies for customers mainly involved in the global automotive industry.

The company’s modern manufacturing facilities enable a wide range of procedures to be undertaken, including presswork, machining, tube manipulation, robot welding and tool making. Due to the variery of procedures, it is important that quality is reached to a high standard.

Previously for Quality control processes, the company had outsourced its 3D Scanning. However due to the rising demands within the industry, the amount of outsourced tasks also increased, resulting in higher costs and longer delays. As the volume of subcontracted 3D scanning reached a critical mass, a potential return on investment was calculated and a search was made for a suitable scanning system.

After surveying the market, Metal Assemblies’ Quality Manager Simon Bullows believed that the 8-Axis QuantumE ScanArm was the most impressive system for his scanning needs.


Improved Speed, Quality and Ergonomics in Quality Control

Considering the continuous improvement policies of the company, Simon was very happy to invest in FARO 8 Axis QuantumE ScanArm and explained that, “In order to carry-on achieving the highest possible standards we design quality into our processes from the start of each project.”

Simon also stated that,“Although the solution was purchased mainly for use in our QC department, as the QuantumE is portable and quick and easy to set-up, when needed, we can also perform in-process component inspection, on the shop-floor”

The department was happy that it bought the FARO 8-Axis QuantumE ScanArm fitted with the company’s FAROBlu Laser Line Probe. It seamlessly integrates a FARO QuantumE FaroArm with an eighth axis, decreasing scan time by up to 40%.

The accurate yet robust FaroArm has been tested to withstand the harshest shop-floor environments and delivers market-leading portability and ergonomics. When combined with the FARO Blu Laser Line Probe or the FARO Prizm Laser Line Probe, the FARO QuantumE FaroArm becomes a class-leading 3D laser scanning system.


Metal Assemblies Quality Manager Simon Bullows invested in the 8-Axis QuantumE ScanArm as this was the most impressive system in the market to maintain his highest quality standards, because of the speed, quality, and ergonomics that the FARO Quantum ScanArm provides. Due to this, increasing demand, and the companies continuous investment in the latest production aids, Metal Assemblies shifted its 3D Scanning from outsourcing to in-house.