The fourth industrial revolution is about digitising the industrial processes in order to increase speed, reduce errors, and save overall costs. As industries are adapting to the Industry 4.0 style and becoming “smarter”, the need for automation is increasing.

Production processes are similar across all industries. For example primary processes such as milling, cutting and drilling are followed by production and assembly processes which are then put through inspection and quality checks.



Each product is inspected in order to check its quality standard. If it does not have the desired standard, the industry faces time and revenue losses due to material waste, scrap costs, and reworking. For industries mass producing, the stage of quality and inspection is even more critical. If an “error” is ignored at the start of production, the whole batch being produced will be below the quality standard. Therefore it is important that both accuracy and speed are met, resulting in quality mass production.


This is where FARO’s measurement and inspection solutions make a difference. FARO’s technology has been designed for all stages of the manufacturing process. The technology inspects the products highlighting and identifying any quality issues and factors relating to the product, such as measurements, material density, orientation of textures and carving, and much more.



The Smart Factory webinar series discusses key areas of measurement and inspection processes designed for automated inspection, giving you a preview of the future of manufacturing and the technology available. Here you will see demonstrations of how FARO’s laser scanning solutions can help deal with bottlenecks in your manufacturing and inspection processes.


In our first webinar of the series, FARO and Autodesk identify solutions to the challenges you could be facing during your current additive manufacturing and inspection.






Find out how you can incorporate scanning technology and robotics in our second smart manufacturing webinar. See how you can make validation and inspection processes faster, cheaper, and more accurate; a benefit industries look forward to.






Our last FARO and Autodesk Smart Manufacturing webinar focuses directly on in-process measurement. Rather than measuring the product after production, measurements should be moved from manufacturing to design. Find out how you could speed up production and bring flexibility to your manufacturing processes.





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