The Dover District Leisure Center is delivering a £26m sports facility including a county-standard, eight-lane competition swimming pool. The build accuracy is of high importance for competition swimming pools and it is necessary to meet strict specified dimensional tolerances.


Royal BAM Group

BAM Construction were appointed and charged with delivering a first class sports facility. To ensure quality and minimise the wastage costs for this project, a BIM process supported by the latest digital Construction technology was desired. It was important to meet the standards of the build, such as ensuring the structure was water tight and could withstand the pressure generated by the volume, as it is a competition pool and in elite sporting events poor construction tolerances can result in the difference between a silver or a gold medal.



BAM Construction team used the FARO Laser Scanner and BuildIT Construction software to demonstrate that the construction was in compliance with the dimensional tolerances required. The scanning was performed before the tiling of the pool. If they constructed the pool and checked dimensions after fixing the tiles, it would result in a huge problem if dimensional errors were found afterwards, as it would cost them extra for material and labor and result in time constraints due to rework.

At the end of construction, they scanned the final project and found no “intrusions” or “hollows” in the pool. It was constructed the way they desired due to the digital Construction solutions such as the BuildIT Software and FARO Laser Scanner.


BuildIT Construction

FARO’s BuildIT Construction is a verification tool that is designed to significantly reduce this waste by delivering rapid feed-back and promoting ‘right first time’ methods. It enables teams to accelerate validation times as well as to produce tolerance evaluation studies with impressive accuracy. BuildIT Construction enables on site activities to become more like a ‘build and verify’ factory shop-floor, enabling quality assurance and proving adherence to design intent through all building processes by utilising smart data capture, near real-time analysis and fast industry standard reporting

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