With the launch of FARO’s new Product Finder, the journey for finding your product has been shortened and simplified. From finding and checking the application of product for your industry and comparing it to other related products available, the process has been made much easier. In just 3 simple steps you can now find out which FARO solution is the most suitable for your project and application needs.


Three Simple Steps:

1. Select your industry (eg. Defense, Quality Control, Heritage etc.)

2. Enter what you have to measure/scan (eg. Machine tools, Vehicles etc.)

3. Choose the reason why you are measuring (eg. Inspection, Alignment, Reverse engineering etc.)


In a split second you will find the solution available for your project needs.


No Login or registration is required!

Because there are many solutions for a variety of applications and industries available, we thought it would be best to provide our customers with a quick product and solution finder where you can see the solutions that are available and designed to support your application needs, without any complications.

Do you know if we already have a product or solution for your industry? Find it out now!