” When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills.” Chinese proverb


Change means growing.

Change means believing.

Change means teamwork.

Change means dialog.


Entering the Dental sector is an exciting in-depth analysis of new territories for FARO.

The support, the experience, the passion of key figures are fundamental to understand the real needs of these new realities. Who are these key figures we are talking about? Sparkling sales guys, nerds, genius technicians and engineers, visionary managers and, of course, our valuable distributors.

We decided to organise a day together to share insights and information, and to address open questions and doubts. To be open and to meet with this who chose us and who are still choosing our 3D solutions.

From 9 am to 6 pm, “Dental Together” was the common thread. People from all over Italy joined the event, listened to presentations and participated in live scanner demonstrations.

A brief introduction from the management took place first: new faces from FARO talked about new procedures and sectors, and more historical ones from Open Technologies concretely demonstrated that the company’s roots are still there.

The core of the event focused on the new “what” and “how”: products, services, optional modules and innovative approaches. In addition, latest policies and pre- and after-sales opportunities were discussed.

In the last part of the day, scanner demonstrations from our technical experts shown the main features and advantages of Optor series’ technology. This hands-on session highlighted how these new solutions are not simply 3D scanners that generate precise acquisitions, but are accurate devices developed after years of experience in the measurement environment. The demonstrations also clarified how the combination of these instruments with a flexible software (easy-to-use and for expert users at the same time) makes Optor the best-in-class solution for those taking their first steps into digitalisation or who are already on the market with an advanced background.


During this event our distributors had also the occasion to finally know each other, teaching us a big and important lesson: great synergies and partnerships can develop from a sane competition.

Italian Dental Homecoming confirmed once again that communication and cooperation are at the base of any healthy relationship.Even if “change” was initially perceived as “uncertainty”, meeting together was a way to take off the barriers and lay down the path towards a joint success.


Thanks to the support of our team and distributors, we will keep walking together to achieve new goals.