Regardless of your application, FARO RevEng offers any level user the ability to improve the way users can capture and mesh objects. No limits for Reverse Engineering, Aftermarket Customisation, Rapid Prototyping, Computer Graphics, Cultural Heritage, or Casting. This advanced software platform provides FARO portfolio products with a powerful tool that enables a comprehensive digital design experience.

RevEng software is the solution you need to create high-quality 3D mesh models as well as prepare the models for downstream CAD development.

Whatever your level of experience is, RevEng has been designed with an intuitive interface that facilitates the easy manipulation and customisation of a 3D object to meet specific design requirements, improve workflow productivity and to provide users with a competitive advantage. The software allows a trial-and-error-approach to get to the best result for individual projects, so users are free to focus on the desired result.

This 3D point cloud capture and mesh generation platform, combined with the advanced editing software solution that offers an array of powerful tools for processing mesh models quickly and efficiently, will make the difference in your daily business.




  • Automatic Adjustment and Repair Tools: Maintain design integrity with a powerful toolbox of editing features, such as hole filling, geometry fitting and optimisation, smoothing and polyline extraction.
  • Advanced Sectioning & Freeform Extraction: Extract 2D sketches from cross-sections or 3D contour polylines from mesh models to help with design creation. Export polylines and curves directly into CAD formats that support the CAD modeling workflow.
  • Export Watertight Meshes for 3D Printing: Create a watertight mesh for 3D printing using the advanced filling and simplification tools. Scale the models to various sizes or create the perfect hollow part for a more efficient 3D print.
  • Multiple Undo/Redo: Navigate easily between previous editing steps with no risk of losing the high-quality data used to create the ideal 3D model.
  • No limitation of the number of steps going back and forth during an active project session.


Try the software and download for free the trial version. Experience the new way of scanning, meshing and editing in a few steps!