Brodie International specialises in producing high precision meters and valves that are used in the custody transfer of petroleum products. The products produced involve components with complex shapes and assembly making the inspection measurement challenging using traditional tools such as a fixed coordinate measuring machine, calipers, dial indicators and height gages. An example of the complex shapes Brodie International are working with are the helical shaped components which when measuring with a CMM can be very limited.


Over time Brodie International have introduced new offerings resulting in higher demand and therefore an increase in inspection challenges. From this it was identified that further inspection technology was needed in order to meet the demands. In doing this they identified that the FARO Quantum ScanArm could support their inspection requirements due to it’s speed, accuracy and flexibility.


When using CMM inspection the products were proofed only after assembly, therefore it was previously unknown if the helical shaped rotors were machined correctly. With the FARO Quantum ScanArm Brodie International are now able to confirm the parts whilst they are still on the machine resulting in less scrap.


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