FARO solutions support MX3D and Autodesk in creating the world’s first fully 3D printed, stainless steel Bridge


MX3D are extending the use of 3D printing to ‘real world’ practical ‘built environment’ uses, through the process of additive manufacturing that uses welding technology, robotic arms and computational design software. FARO have provided support through different stages of the project, such as site surveying and structural validation with the use of the FARO Laser scanner and the FARO ScanArm,

MX3D and main sponsor Autodesk concluded that a bridge over a canal in Amsterdam would be “a fantastic metaphor for connecting the technology of the future with the beautiful city’s past”.


(MX3D Printed Bridge Top View, Image courtesy of Joris Laarman Lab)

This project has identified new ingenious design methods and methodologies of co-creating with industry leading computational design, robotic and material experts.

Read the full article following an interview with Autodesk’s Tristan Randall, Imperial College London’s Dr Craig Buchanan and FARO’s David Southam, as they take a deeper look into the role and importance of laser scanning in the delivery and structural testing of the fabricated bridge and the insight it can offer to the future.