FARO presents the broadest 3D data capture capabilities for acquiring complex shapes with detailed textures and colour: Cobalt Design

It addresses a variety of design requirements, including reverse engineering, prototype design, packaging design, digital cataloging, research, education, and jewellery and fashion design.



Cobalt Design structured light scanners provide precision with an exceptional level of detail for acquiring small-medium areas. This non-contact technology, based on projecting light patterns with a camera system to capture large areas at once, significantly reduces data capture time and delivers quicker results. Combined with the FARO RevEng™ capture and mesh software Cobalt Design, provides users with a comprehensive digital design solution where small to medium objects can be scanned with precision, in colour with multiple levels of resolution.

Cobalt Design is available with two sensor resolutions: S (2.4 Mpx) and M (3.1 Mpx).


And that’s not all…

There are two configurations available for each resolution, to offer the best scanning experience: a single or a dual configuration, due to the initial configuration set-up.





  • Flexible Measuring Volume – Capture up to 3.1 Mpx using projected light patterns for greater accuracy on small to medium complex objects.
  • Adaptable to Various Environments – Maintain the same performance and accuracy level in various environmental conditions without losing performance.
  • Simple and Versatile Setup –Obtain dimensionally accurate, reliable and repeatable results. Cobalt Design Scanners seamlessly adapt to application requirements and user expertise, delivering highly detailed 3D scans.
  • Full-Colour Digitisation – Capture precision and high-quality textured scans for detailed and realistic 3D colour images.
  • Automated 360° Scanning –The turntable simplifies the scanning process by automatically rotating the object for maximum coverage.