If efficiency is important to you, you may want to learn how to pair the FARO Focus Laser Scanner because when paired with the Focus, ScanPlan and Focus solution offers so much more.


In this article, we highlight 3 ways you can combine the ScanPlan & the Focus Laser Scanner:

Scan the relevant areas with your FARO Focus and use the ScanPlan to document surrounding areas

If you are considering whether you should scan the entire building or limit it to the area of main interest, each scene presents a unique set of challenges but there are a few options.


One of them would be using the FARO Focus to scan the main areas in 3D and using the ScanPlan for surrounding areas to capture in 2D. This option offers increased speed and efficiency. Data captured with the ScanPlan can be used for future diagrams, analysis and presentation of the scene. The ScanPlan captures photos or 360° images quickly and easily.


To illustrate, here is an example where a hotel room was scanned with the Focus and other levels of the building were mapped with the ScanPlan.



Use the ScanPlan to streamline your registration process


The ScanPlan delivers optimal results by quickly and automatically registering scans imported into the FARO SCENE software. The process is streamlined by providing scans with a unified coordinate system which results in considerable time cuts in the office. See the video below to learn more.