In an interview with Oliver Buerkler (senior product manager, Construction BIM) and Marc Zschieschang (product manager, Construction BIM) published in BIM Today, they explain what is ‘scan to BIM’ or ‘as-built modelling’ that now fall under international standards (ISO19650) that explain the process of creating consistently structured data and documents for built environment projects.


FARO’s user-assisted modelling solution guides you turn reality into an intelligent digital representation of the as-built environment. Once users have subdivided the point clouds, the modelling can begin. The As-built model can remain as a reference throughout the design and construction stages to ensure ongoing accuracy or to ‘complete the picture’ where real-world items have not been required to be modelled. To successfully complete such projects FARO has created As-Built for Autodesk Revit, a software add-in that enables enhanced functionality over the standard Revit software. It’s capabilities span from building semi-automatically generated elements to comparing models against the point cloud. Read the full interview: