Woodruff’s Arts Center, the home of the Alliance Theatre started its business in 1968 and since has been recognised for its natural acoustics that carries the actors’ voices to a seating capacity of 650.


In 2015, the Alliance Theatre was authorised for a comprehensive top-to-bottom renovation which aimed to achieve three objectives:


• Improve the patron experience through an assortment of design enhancements and innovations

• Update audio, lighting, and computer-assisted technology

• Upgrade infrastructure such as the addition of catwalks and renovations of storage, classroom, and rehearsal space


Inspired by Matthias Plieassning, a Brooklyn, N.Y. artist, Trahan Architects team developed a concept for the swooping, swirling wood-threaded panels to be installed. The installation of the unique design started with a challenge as there were no templates to follow.


Fortunately, the CW Keller and Associates design and engineering had a head start in that process. Around 2010 they purchased a Focus Laser Scanner from FARO® Technologies. The CWKA shortly implemented the use of the FARO Focus Laser Scanner and the FARO TracerSI Laser Projector into their workflow. “We can’t modify anything on site. What leaves the Plaistow workshop must meet a 1/32-inch tolerance at a worksite more than a 1,000 miles away.”, Keller explains, “Documenting existing conditions with a high degree of resolution and tolerance allows us to better manage project risk.” The FARO TracerSI was a faster and easier solution compared with a tape measure to lay out the design template on the Alliance Theatre walls.


Trey Trahan adds, “FARO technology allows us to do some very exciting things in a very ecological, responsible way that’s also very cost effective.”