How important is portability to measurement and reverse engineering lab that works an equal amount of time with customers inside and outside the facility? It’s a top priority! Diverse Dimensions places high importance on equipment ability to be transported for their customer’s convenience. The FARO® 8-Axis ScanArm easily became an excellent choice that ticked all major requirements for Diverse Dimensions.

Diverse Dimensions focused on achieving maximum success for their business, hence they decided that traditional CMMs will not match with their vision and instead, Diverse Dimensions has invested in sixteen FARO ScanArms, six FAROBlu HD Laser Line Probes (LLPs), a FARO Laser Tracker plus two FARO 8-Axis units to do the measuring.

Choosing FARO services has proved to be the right way to go about their business. The FARO 8-Axis Quantum FaroArm® is light, easy to use, provides accuracy and unmatched customer service support.