An exciting partnership between STORMBEE and FARO was presented recently. FARO is always looking for ways to improve their solutions. This time FARO noticed that scanning factories could be much more efficient if it combined an aerial scan. STORMBEE’s durable drones were an unmatched choice for 3D data capture for crash reconstruction, security pre-planning and military reconnaissance applications. 

Did you know the Focus Laser Scanner can scan in the dark? This video shows how fast you can document massive areas with the power of FARO and STORMBEE combined, even at night. 

“The STORMBEE drone with our FARO Laser Scanners is a testament to the scanner’s ability to reach areas where most can’t and provide great results.” 

David Dustin
Global Director of Public Safety-Forensics, FARO Technologies  

You can capture highly-accurate 3D images by air of large, complex environments that could be time-consuming and dangerous to scan on land, such as crash scenes, buildings and train infrastructure. Aerial scanning allows you to improve safety by not having to set foot in precarious areas, to save time on wide-area scanning missions and to open crime and crash scenes faster. 


Without control points, the FARO-STORMBEE solution is much faster to set up than other LiDAR drones. STORMBEE S series UAV flies up to 100 m. (328 ft.) high. Also, users can be confident with the drone’s integrated redundancy that even if a propeller or battery fails, the UAV still flies. To complement the drone’s ease-of-use, its BEEFLEX software suite is so easy to use you can be trained in one hour. BEEFLEX data can also be exported directly into FARO SCENE or FARO Zone 3D software for further analysis or to combine aerial scans with terrestrial scans. 

Not only is the Focus perfect for covering lots of ground via air attached to a STORMBEE drone or via land mounted on a vehicle, it also scans in smaller, hard-to-document areas, like inside a dumpster.