Airborne 3D Scanning from FARO and STORMBEE

An exciting partnership between STORMBEE and FARO was presented recently. FARO is always looking for ways to improve their solutions. This time FARO noticed that scanning factories could be much more efficient if it combined an aerial scan. STORMBEE’s durable drones were an unmatched choice for 3D data capture for crash reconstruction, security pre-planning and military reconnaissance applications.  Did you know the Focus Laser…

Checks and measures with BuildIT Construction

The BIM Industry is preparing for digital accountability. Read an article about traceable construction for designers, contractors, project managers and cost consultants of the future. Supported by a versatile BuildIT Construction software, BIM professionals will be able to continuously compare real-world conditions against CAD model.   Dovile GegeleviciuteMore Posts

White Paper: How Virtual Templating with Laser Projection Technology Streamlines Welding Assembly & manufacturing

A new industry standard to prevent rework and additional costs, the TracerSI Laser Projector is a perfect tool to project templates that assemblers can use to align the components efficiently and accurately. The hands free, feature-based alignment increases throughput with one of its kind solution that guides through the entire assembly process.    Alberto CastiglioniMore Posts

Augmented reality for quality assurance

Augmented reality is where reality is enhanced by computer generated information, such as providing additional information about the real world visible to the user, displaying the information using glasses, by projecting directly onto real objects using a video projector or laser projector, or by overlaying a video image with additional information, captured using a camera.…