Invisible Italy, a new TV series launched by BBC ONE takes viewers on a stunning historical journey through three of Italy’s most prominent cities. As part of this programme, ScanLAB projects used FARO scanners to provide viewers with a first hand perspective of Italy’s past.

FARO scanners played a significant role in offering new and previously impossible insights into these cities. Sub-sea LIDAR scans were used in the Bay of Naples to scan underwater and take viewers back in time to explore the Bourbon Tunnels as well as the ruins of Herculaneum, Neapolitan catacombs and Roman Quarries. The whole length of the Grand Canal in Venice was also scanned from a moving boat. Other historical sites that the show unveiled was the original ghetto, the secret synagogues and the Jewish quarters. In addition, FARO scanners mapped the enter Vasari corridor including scans of the Uffizi Gallery in under an hour.

Each programme is accompanied by 360 Youtube videos which allow viewers to navigate the exact same set of data that was captured by FARO scanners and used by the BBC to create the show. These can be viewed by clicking on the following links. To explore the ruins of the Roman Seaside resort in Naples with a reputation for vice and debauchery please click here. Explore the secret corridor that allowed Florence’s ruthless rulers to travel through their city unseen by clicking here. Discover the secret torture chamber in the heart of the republic’s power structure by clicking here.

The three episodes are initially being aired in the UK but will also air internationally through BBC worldwide and its overseas partners.

To watch Invisible Italy please click here.